a quick explanation

Many people do not understand the importance of a sitemap. We have made it very easy indeed. Actually it is almost automatic.

On the dashboard you will see a panel for sitemap:

A sitemap is a special type of file used by search engines such as Google that follows a certain format call XML. It consists of a details of the pages in a very specific way so that the search engines can index them.

For example the sitemap for this site contains a reference to the home page:

This tell the search engine the address of the page, when it was last modified, how often it is modified and a priority.

Our system generates this by simply pressing the button and it saves it in the public directory of the site, so you can tell Google that there is a sitemap (it will be https://yourdomainname/sitemap.xml).

You register your site with Google ( - it's free) and simply tell it about your sitemap. Google will then read your sitemap and index it.

All modern search engines use this method.

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